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American Sephardi Federation Library


The mission of our Library & Archives is to collect, preserve and provide access to resources for the study of Jews tracing their ancestry back to the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and the Orient.
The American Sephardi Federation maintains the only library exclusively devoted to Sephardic/ Mizrahi topics and authors , and is the only one in the Western Hemisphere open to the public. Originating from a tiny collection of some 200 books, the ASF Library & Archives has, in a matter of a few years, grown to a respectable assemblage of more than 7,000 cataloged items and more than 300 linear feet of archival documents. We welcome all visitors.

Should you have inquiries, please submit them to the ASF Librarian at: (212) 294-8350 x.3 or by email


Because of threats of loss of important records due to disintegration, the Library is striving to identify and acquire as many materials with Sephardic content as possible. If you have family papers, books or other memorabilia from the countries of origin of you or your families, or documents related to the history of your family’s life here in the United States, we invite you to contribute them to ASF where they will be preserved in state-of-the-art conservation rooms, at our disposal, and stored in a climate controlled archival environment. It is hoped that organizations and individuals alike will partner with us in the preservation of Sephardic heritage and culture.

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